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You can click and download forms from our forms library. These forms are provided to you as a courtesy and not meant to offer any legal advise.


Affidavit of Consideration-Buyer

Affidavit of Consideration-Seller

Real Property Transaction -Form 114

Affidavit of Title Buyer

Age Restricted Affidavit & RULE

Discharge of Lien for Condo Assoc. Assessment

Affidavit of Survey No Change

Business Commercial Lease

Certificate-for-Not-for-Profit Corps

Release of  part of mortgage – Property

GIT-REP1 Non-Resident (Effective 5 2012)

Corporate Acknowledgment

Discharge of Mortgage (corp.)

Executors Deed

L-4 ~ Transfer Inheritance and Estate Tax

Letter of Attornment

L-9 ~ Affidavit of Resident Decedent

Release of Construction Lien Claim

Seller’s Residency Certification / Exemption GIT REP-3

Survey Affidavit pdf

Survey Affidavit doc

UCC-3 Termination Statement

Notice and Waiver