Closing & Escrow Information

Allstate Title Agency offers Settlement and Closing Services as well as Settlement Support Services for our attorney clients for purchases, refinance and/or commercial transactions. Our experienced settlement agents make will make the process as easy as possible for our clients.

We can close your transaction at our office or bring the closing to you.  You decide how involved or hands off you need to be. We custom fit our Settlement and Escrow services to suit your needs.

Below please find a summary of our Closing Services:

After “Attorney Review of the Contract” has been completed (and with the borrower’s written authorization) the title order will be placed on your behalf. ALLSTATE will require the following information:

  • Complete copy of Contract with any amendments
  • Contact information for your clients, including telephone numbers; addresses; and email addresses.
  • Complete copy of Mortgage Commitment.

As Settlement Agent, our duties will include the following:

  • Communication with you; your clients; the mortgage lender; Seller’s Attorney; and Realtors to coordinate and schedule closings.
  • Clearance of title issues; including mortgage and judgment payoff statements
  • Timely Filing of Notice(s) of Settlement
  • Preparation of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.
  • Preparation and Return of the Mortgage package
  • Disbursement all funds;
  • Recordation of all documents;
  • Attendance at closing;
  • Maintenance of and clearance of all escrows
  • Provide copies of title and mortgage package to you and your client.
  • Bi-lingual Settlement Agent available

Settlement and Attendance Charges (Including Disbursements):

  • Settlement Fee for Cash Transaction in office – $400.00
  • Settlement Fee for Cash Transaction out of office – $425.00
  • Settlement Fee for Refinance in office – $400.00
  • Settlement Fee for Refinance out of office – $425.00
  • Settlement Fee for Short Sales in office – $550.00
  • Settlement Fee for Short Sales out of office – $575.00
  • Settlement Fee for Mortgage Closings in office – $500.00
  • Settlement Fee for Mortgage Closings out of office – $525.00

The above settlement and attendance charges contemplate the first 60 minutes of closing or settlement related functions performed before, during, and after the closing.

There shall be a charge of $100.00 for each hour or fraction thereof over the first 60 minutes. Additional charges shall be made for mileage and other travel-related expenses as applicable in Accordance with the Approval Rate Manual.

  • Federal Express packages:$9.00 Letter size; $15.00 Legal size.
  • Deed Recording Fee: $100.00
  • Mortgage Recording Fee:$250.00 (subject to change based on page count)
  • Mortgage Cancellation/Discharge of Mortgage/Warrants of Satisfaction:$75.00 each
  • UCC-1 and UCC-3 Filing/Termination Statements:$30.00 each
  • Receipt of Email mortgage package:$25.00 each

Wire Fee (if applicable)$25.00

Notary Fee (if applicable)$25.00

All of the above fees and charges are in accordance with and regulated by the Department of Banking and Insurance of the State of New Jersey.

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